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Additional Bamboo Chopping Board Information

Included below is further information on bamboo, digitally generated product images, engraving, care instructions and packaging details for our personalised bamboo chopping boards.

Bamboo Information
Digitally Generated Product Images
Engraving Information
Care Instructions
Packaging Details

Bamboo Information

How is bamboo wood made?

Bamboo grass is processed and compressed to form bamboo wood planks.

What makes bamboo a good eco alternative to wood?

As bamboo grass is fast-growing, this makes it a renewable resource. Other wood options can take over 30 years to mature; bamboo can be mature and ready to harvest in three to six years.

Why are their variations in bamboo?

The bamboo grass used to construct the bamboo wood planks comes from a wide range of bamboo farms. The environmental conditions where the bamboo grass is grown can affect its colour and pattern. These differences are visible when viewing several bamboo chopping boards.

Is bamboo a suitable material to be used for chopping boards?

Bamboo is a popular wood choice for chopping boards due to the hard density of bamboo planks. The density minimises the dents and marks made from regular knife use.

Bamboo is more resistant to water and moisture than hardwood. Which helps protect the board from cracking and warping when exposed to moisture, although this does not remove the need for regular oiling and preventive care.

Digitally Generated Product Images

How is the laser engraving design generated onto the board image?

Each design is digitally generated onto the board image.

What does digitally generated mean?

Digitally generated, where a computer software creates a realistic laser engraving appearance.

The digitally generated laser engraving appearance is created from images of actual laser engraved applications. This allows the final image to be as close in colour to an actual laser engraved design.

Engraving Information

Why does the laser engraving colouring and depth vary across the engraved board design?

Variances in the depth and darkness of the laser engraving will occur due to variations in the bamboo wood.

Bamboo wood variations include – 
+ varying moisture within the bamboo husk upon harvest and production,
+ the environment where the bamboo is grown and sourced from and,
+ what production method is used to construct the bamboo product.

We attempt to counteract these variations by adjusting the laser engraver outputs, though results do still vary due to the wood variations.

Can you guarantee that the engraving will appear the same as shown in the product mages on your website?

No, we can’t guarantee that your board will appear exactly the same as the product images provided. The laser engraving on our product images is digitally generated. Our Etsy customers and Instagram followers share many real-life samples of our boards, that help demonstrate the differences in board and engraving appearances.

Why don’t you just engrave every board design and photograph that engraving?

By choosing to use digitally generated laser engraving product images we are able to –
+ offer more board design options;
+ avoid wasting board stock for product photography and
+ minimise our contribution to landfill.

Care Instructions

How do I care for my bamboo chopping board?

+ Hand wash in warm soapy water.
+ Remove from the water after washing.
+ Towel dry and allow to air dry before reusing.
+ Do not use a dishwasher to clean your board, this will damage your chopping board*
+ Apply mineral oil to extend the longevity and appearance of your chopping board. We recommend oiling monthly if you use your board several times a week.

*Dishwasher cleaning agents strip moisture from the wood, which will cause your wooden board to warp and crack.

Do you include care instructions with each board?

Yes, all parcels containing a Miss Bold chopping board include care instructions.

Packaging Details

How will my Miss Bold chopping board be packed for delivery?

Each Miss Bold chopping board is –

+ Shrink-wrapped – this offers protection during freight and if your board is out on display;
+ Bubble wrapped – freight protection;
+ Calico draw-string bag – perfect natural gift wrap and
+ Delivered in a biodegradable freight satchel.

I don’t really need the shrink wrap and would prefer to not have this included, is that possible?

Yes, simply let us know at checkout to NOT shrink-wrapped your board. We will still include the bubble wrap as this helps protect your board during freight.

Looking for further information on freight, design options, production times etc. Check out our vast FAQ library.

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