Gift Wrapping Guide

Always running out of wrapping supplies or looking to shop online for your next gift wrapping session? Simply click the links above or below + get ready to be prepared the next time you need to get your gift wrap on. 1. BOTANICAL INDIGO, INKY CO. $16.00 PER ROLL. 2. 12 LARGE GIFT BLACK BOWS, GIFT […]

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Grillin’ on the BBQ [BBQ Gift Guide]

A few days into Spring and we’re dreaming of warm evenings and BBQ dinners. Get ready for the warm weather with this BBQ themed gift guide. 1. DAVIS & WADDELL MAVERICK ACACIA 3 PIECE BBQ TOOL SET IN BAG – HOUSE. $23.99 2. KATANDRA 2 SAUCE GIFT BOX- KATANDRA $28.50  3. DAVIS & WADDELL TASTE WOODEN BBQ CADDY- […]

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Gifts for Father’s Day

The final countdown is on until Dad’s big day in September. With under two weeks to go, until Father’s Day 2018, we have the perfect gift guide for the Dad who is super proud of his beard + has a genuine love for nifty natural themed accessories in his life. 1. BEARD OIL VINTAGE, YOKE, $24.95 2. BAMBOO […]

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Are Wooden Chopping Boards Hygienic?

A question we often get asked by our customers is: “Are wooden chopping boards hygienic?” The answer is fairly simple – if you regularly clean your board, then yes! [dropcap]T[/dropcap]here is a lot of scaremongering out there when it comes to wooden chopping boards and hygiene. A restaurant in England was recently fined thousands of […]

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Where To Find Unique Kitchen Accessories In Australia

Here at Miss Bold Design, we love our personalised chopping boards, but we’re always on the lookout for other unique kitchen accessories, especially when they’re Australian made. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite Australian based businesses that have a range of unique kitchen accessories you can buy online or in person at stockists. [line] […]

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