10 Ways To Present Christmas Lunch On Wooden Chopping Boards

March 14, 2021 3 min read

No Christmas is complete without a meal, whether it’s your family’s annual champagne brekkie, the classic Aussie Christmas BBQ, or a traditional Christmas roast dinner with all the trimmings.  If you’re wondering how to spice up your Christmas food this year, why not change up how you present it?

We’ve come up with 10 different ways to present your Christmas lunch on wooden chopping boards. Our clients love to use their Miss Bold Design personalised chopping boards as much as they can, so give your boards an oil and get them ready to take centre stage on the big day.


Grazing Platter

Can’t be bothered with the hassle of a starter before the main event? A grazing platter is a fast and easy way to serve a starter without much effort at all. Simply grab your ingredients, arrange them on the wooden chopping board, and serve! Things like sliced cucumber, cherry tomatoes, carrot sticks, some dips, rice crackers and ham always go down well.


Cold Meats Platter

For a meat lover’s feast, create the perfect cold meat platter in an instant. Salami, ham, roast beef, roast chicken or turkey, prosciutto and parma ham can be served alongside a couple of cheese and veggie options for some added colour and textures.


Mediterranean Grazing Board

Who doesn’t love a Mediterranean grazing board? Arrange some olives, feta, dolmades, roasted peppers, hummus, tzatziki, mini meatballs, pita breads, bocconcini, and prosciutto on your wooden chopping board and serve.


BBQ Board

Are you doing the traditional Aussie BBQ on Christmas day? Don’t serve it on plates, create a BBQ board and make your food stand out. You can serve almost anything from the BBQ on your personalised wooden chopping boards, from chicken and steak to prawns, corn on the cob, and grilled veggie kebabs. Just make sure to clean your boards well after serving meat on them.


Seafood Sharing Platter

What’s an Aussie Christmas without some seafood on the table! Create the ultimate Christmas seafood platter with smoked salmon, cooked prawns, oysters, and barbecued fish and squid. Add a couple of condiments like tartare sauce and lemon wedges and you’re good to go.


Fresh Fruit Board

Keep cool in the December heat with a fresh fruit board for your guests. Easy to prepare and even simpler to serve, go for summer favourites like watermelon, strawberries, kiwi fruit, mango, mandarins and apricots.


Cheese Board

A cheese board is the perfect after dinner snack. Choose a variety of cheeses from all categories – soft, semi-soft, firm, and blue – then add crackers, grapes, apricots, nuts, and condiments like preserves, chutneys or honey. A garnish of rosemary will finish off your personalised cheese board nicely and make it look almost too good to eat.


Dessert Board

We guarantee this won’t last very long in anyone’s house. It’s futile to resist the dessert board! You could add any (or all!) of the following: mini-muffins, macarons, cake pops, jelly beans, shortbread, mini-cheesecakes, mini cinnamon scrolls, biscuits, fruit kebabs, chocolate dipped strawberries and good old chunks of chocolate.


Christmas Bakes Platter

If you love baking at Christmas, serve all your delicious bakes on a Christmas bakes platter. Mince pies, Christmas cake, Christmas pudding, gingerbread, bowls of custard and cream, pavlova and panettone are all great options for a Christmas bakes board.


Sandwich Board

No idea what to do with all those leftovers? Make up a platter of sandwiches with all your leftover meat, seafood and veggies and you’ve got Boxing Day sorted!