Are Wooden Chopping Boards Hygienic?

March 17, 2021 3 min read

A question we often get asked by our customers is:

“Are wooden chopping boards hygienic?”

The answer is fairly simple – if you regularly clean your board, then yes!

Are Wooden Chopping Boards Hygienic?

There is a lot of scaremongering out there when it comes to wooden chopping boards and hygiene. A restaurant in England was recently fined thousands of pounds because they were serving food on wooden boards.

But the reality is that just like any other cooking utensil or serving dish, you need to keep it clean for it to be safe. The restaurant in question was not fined just because they used wooden boards to serve food, but because they were also not following a proper cleaning process to keep the boards clean and safe.

Here are some important tips for keeping your wooden chopping boards hygienic.

Hygiene Tip #1 – Never Mix Raw & Cooked Food

One important tip to remember is to use different boards for cooked food and raw food, particularly meat. Most people know this already and apply it to their plastic boards already, so just apply this rule to your wooden chopping boards as well.

Hygiene Tip #2 – Washing

Each time you use your wooden chopping board, give it a gentle wash in hot soapy water. Once thoroughly cleaned from any food or liquids, wipe the surface and rinse in clean, warm water, making sure all bubbles or soap is removed.

Never leave the board to soak as they could lead to cracking or the board becoming warped.

Hygiene Tip #3 – Drying

Once the board is washed and rinsed, leave it to air dry in a drying rack. Don’t leave it flat as the underside may not dry properly.

Air drying lets the wooden board dry in a natural way without allowing it to absorb more moisture (which often happens when you dry with a tea towel).

Hygiene Tip #4 – Oiling

After the board is dry, consider oiling your wooden chopping board to add another layer of protection.

They won’t need to be oiled after every wash. How often you oil your boards will come down to how often you use your board, and what you use it for. If you’re using the board to serve dry foods like bread and crackers, it will probably need oiling less often than if you’re using it to serve cheese, meats or other food that may have more liquid in it.

For wooden chopping boards being used infrequently or to serve dry foods, here at Miss Bold Design we recommend oiling every 3-6 months to keep your board in tip top shape.

If you’re using it more regularly or to serve food that is likely to stain the board, we recommend oiling your board once a month.

Use a mineral oil that is food grade, to make sure the board remains hygienic and suitable for serving food.

So, are wooden chopping boards hygienic? Yes! If you look after them well, they certainly are. Here at Miss Bold Design, we don’t just have wooden chopping boards, we make personalised wooden chopping boards.

Choose from one of our designs (we have over 200!) and personalise it with names and dates for a stunning and personal gift for that someone special. Alternatively, we love making custom boards, so if you’ve got a particular image or quote you want printed onto your board, get in touch with us online.