Beautiful wrapping- made easy!

March 14, 2021 3 min read

It's that time of year when almost everyone is going to wrap a gift

What sort of gift wrapper are you?

  • Put it in a gift bag unwrapped.
  • Make the most of the seasonal charity donation gift wrappers in the big shopping centres, OR
  • A frantic wrapping frenzy with whatever paper you have leftover from last year on Christmas eve?


What if I gave you some simple ideas for wrapping gifts beautifully with minimal fuss.
[Yes I know there are a gazillion ideas on the internet but hey, I thought I'd my 2 bobs worth too]

Beautiful Gift Wrapping Made EasyBeautiful Gift Wrapping Made Easy with LightsBeautiful Gift Wrapping Made Easy
Beautiful Gift Wrapping Made Easy

I have wrapped one of our large rectangle personalised engraved boards in a simple white wrapping paper.

I find it's handy to always have rolls of white or brown wrapping paper stashed in the cupboard that you can easily decorate with a theme to suit the occasion or person receiving the gift.

Our boards arrive wrapped in bubble wrap [to keep them safe during transit] and snuggled in a calico bag. You can remove the bubble wrap but if you are worried about it getting damaged before being opened then leave it wrapped up. This does make the parcel a bit squishy and difficult to get a crisp edge on the wrapping so what I do is wrap the board in a layer of cardboard first to get a sharper edge-plus it adds another layer of protection.

Now I'll show you 3 different ways you can decorate this gift which will lift it from simply wrapped to something beautiful which I'm sure will be appreciated by the person who is unwrapping it.

Beautiful Gift Wrapping Made Easy

  • I picked up this big heart decoration which normally would be hung on the wall. It's oversize for the gift but that's what gives the impact.

I thought it would look nice with some wide burlap ribbon in a striking colour.

Attach ribbon on the back of the gift with some tape, thread on the decoration and tape the other end of the ribbon. Easy!

Beautiful Gift Wrapping Made Easy

  • Twine has got to be my number one go-to alternative to ribbon. it's such a natural and rustic look that works really well with foliage.

Here I wrapped the twine it around the gift about 7 times and secured the ends with tape.

Then I tied on one of our Personalised Christmas Ornaments with some more twine with a bow.

To add a bit of colour and more texture I wove some sprigs of rosemary through the twine.

Beautiful Gift Wrapping Made Easy

  • This last one is slightly more work but you will be surprised how easy it is to hide the battery powered switch under a big bow or some faux flowers.

Beautiful Gift Wrapping Made Easy

Beautiful Gift Wrapping Made Easy

I actually covered the switch box in wrapping paper- this was a total waste of time!

As you didn't end up seeing the box under the flowers anyway. Don't bother- it's fiddly!

The flowers I used had thin wired stems so they were easy to wrap around the switch box and secure with tape.

You could easily hot glue gun the flowers directly to the switch box, making sure you leave access to the little switch.

I used double-sided tape to secure the box to the gift.

Then wrap the lights around the gift as many times as you can and secure with tape on the back.

Switch on the lights... Voila! instant sparkle.

You've put some much effort into organising a personalised gift,
why not take the wrapping NEXT LEVEL- it's easier than you think!

Beautiful Gift Wrapping Made Easy

Happy wrapping.

Olivia xx