Do I Need To Oil My Wooden Chopping Board?

March 14, 2021 2 min read

Oiling your board

“Do I need to oil my personalised wooden chopping board?”

It’s a question we get asked all the time here atMiss Bold Design.

Not every board needs regular oiling but we do recommend oiling your board at certain intervals. It will keep your board looking new

Why Do I Need To Oil My Board?

Oiling yourpersonalised wooden chopping board will keep it looking new and increase its longevity. Without proper care, your board could become dry and cracked. If not washed properly, it could also build up food stains and even possibly bacteria in any cracks or cuts along the wood. Find outhow to care for your personalised chopping board here.

How Often Should I Oil My Board?

This will depend on how often you are using your board.

If it is in daily use in your kitchen, we recommend that you oil it once a month to keep it looking in tip top condition.

If you use it less regularly, or only to present platters or on special occasions, you can get away with oiling your board every 3-6 months instead. Even if you aren’t using your board every day, it can still become dry and cracked over time. Regular oiling will also allow your chopping board to retain its natural colour.

What Oil Should I Use?

Here at Miss Bold Design we recommend you use a mineral oil that is labelled as food safe for oiling your board. Mineral oil protects the board from water absorption and gives it a much longer lifespan. It’s not expensive, has a decent shelf life, and can be found in most kitchen supply stores or online. We sell Stella 'food grade mineral' oil in our online shop, this is the same oil we use daily when finishing your board.

How Do I Oil My Board?

Make sure the board is clean before you start and that it is completely dry.

Using a paper towel, spread the mineral oil evenly over the board. Leave it to soak overnight.

Give it a wipe the next day to remove any excess oil that has not soaked in. That’s it! It really is as simple as that.

Here atMiss Bold Design, we have a huge range ofpersonalised wooden chopping board designs and sizes to choose from, for any occasion – fromweddings and anniversaries tobirthdays andhousewarmings.