New Font Sampler Tool to help you design your own personalised engraved chopping board.

March 14, 2021 1 min read

Say hello to our new Font Sampler!

It's the nifty new tool on our website that will help you choose which fonts you want to use when designing your own unique personalised board. ⁠

This font sampler will make you feel confident that you are choosing the right fonts for your special gift.⁠⁠

We have created a little video explaining how to use it and where to find it on our website - Super easy!

You can type in the words you want to have engraved on the board and then select from 20 font options to see what your words will look like in each font.⁠ ⁠

If you want to use two different fonts then you can see how they will look together. ⁠

Once you are happy with your font choices you can place the order and then we will send you a mock-up of your design for your approval.

If you are still not sure about the choices, then we can amend the mockup until you are happy with your design⁠.

WOW everyone with your gift designing super skills.

Your family and friends will be in awe of the thought you have put into their gift.

This font sampler is available on all our ⁠Design-Your-Own boards, including:⁠

One Font, Two Fonts, ⁠Two Fonts- One Divider/ One Laurel/ One Wreath

Check out our how-to video for the Font Sampler and have fun designing!