Valentine's Day Grazing Board

March 14, 2021 3 min read

Celebrate Valentine's Day with this sweet tooth grazing board, mix it up and include your favourite sweets or follow along below where I share where I gathered all the yummy treats from.

 Valentine's Day Grazing Board

Valentine's Day Grazing Board

Valentine's Grazing Board

ONE. Cadbury Chocolate Melts

There may be way more gourmet options to use as a great chocolate dipping sauce, but absolutely in a pinch, these Cadbury Chocolate Melts are definitely a great fill in.

TWO. Choc Raspberries

From our friends at Kmart, yum and only $3 for 275g packet.

THREE. Triple Hearts

Another sugar heart-themed sweet from Kmart. $3 for 275g packet.

FOUR. Sugar Cookies.

I used 'The Best Sugar Cookies' recipe from Sally's Addiction which was super easy, but do allow time for the dough to be rolled out and cooled in the fridge if keeping the shape of your cut shape is a priority. I finished the cookies off with Queen Ready to Roll Icing White and stamped those gorgeous words of love in with the Wiltshire Letter Press Set.

FIVE. Brownies.

Seriously is there anything better than a good brownie recipe? We made these by scratch from the Best Brownie Recipe Ever at The Stay at Home Chef and they were super yummy. Though if you are strapped for time I highly rate the 'Green's Brownie Mix', so easy and an absolute winner every time.

SIX. Strawberry Milkshake Cookies

Honestly, I added these to the mix because I could understand how you could make a biscuit from a cake mix, but apparently you can. The Strawberry Milkshake Cookies recipe comes from the blog Flying on Jess Fuel Keep in mind they are extremely sweet so if you are already serving up a huge board of sugar you might like to opt-out on these and add some fresh strawberries.

SEVEN. Chocolate Hearts

Sweet red foiled hearts the perfect sweet treat for Valentine's Day, Lovers! - Sorini Cioccolatto - The Reject Shop.

EIGHT. Cream Wafer Sticks

The perfect dipping sticks with the Cadbury Chocolate Melts. I smuggled home two versions from BIG W -  Rondoletti - Strawberry and Vanilla, $3.50 per tin.

NINE. Arnott's Iced Vovo

Topped with pretty pink marshmallow, jam and coconut they were the perfect biscuit to take centre stage on our Valentine's Theme Grazing Board.

And to finish up, see below for my top tips for creating a grazing platter and how I assembled the Valentine's Grazing grazing board.

  1. Choose between two-three stand out foods, these are the foods that going to make the board sing and create the foundation of the board. For us, this was the sugar cookies, brownies and Strawberry milkshake cookies.
  2. Look for a food that you can use to create a line from one side of the board to the other. We used Arnott's Iced Vovo to create this break and centrepiece for the board.
  3. Have at least three-four fillers, these are the backing singers to your board and fill in the gaps.
  4. Dips - chocolate or cream cheese are a great way to add some movement and a different element to the board, but always remember to add a vehicle i.e. Cream Wafer Sticks to the board to ensure you have some way to get the savoury or chocolate goodness to your mouth.


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