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How To Make This Christmas Lunch The Easiest One Ever

Christmas should be a time for celebrations, spending time with loved ones, and enjoying the Christmas cheer. So why do most of us end up stressed out and running around like headless chickens?

One of the things that can tip many people over the edge at this time of year is the preparation for Christmas lunch.

How much food to make? What to cook? Will you do a traditional roast turkey with all the trimmings or stick to a more casual Aussie Christmas BBQ?

Who’s coming over? Are you doing all the cooking yourself or are you getting your guests to each bring something on the day? Is anyone allergic to anything?

Here are our tips from the Miss Bold Design team on how to make this Christmas lunch the easiest one ever.


Be Organised

Being organised from the early planning stages means you’ll be more in control of your preparations as well as on the big day.

Start with making some lists – who you’ll be catering for, if they have any dietary requirements, and what kind of dishes you’re thinking of for the big day.

Lists may be old-fashioned but they’re still the best way to stay organised. Handwritten ones work best for some people, but there are heaps of apps available to help you with lists and being organised if you prefer the paperless way.


Keep It Simple

Just because it’s Christmas it doesn’t mean you have to go all out. Keeping it simple means less stress for you and more time to enjoy the day.

There are lots of different ways to keep things under control. Stick to your menu – don’t keep adding new ingredients or snacks to your trolley every time you go grocery shopping in the weeks leading up to the big day.

Get the whole family involved. Give each person at least one responsibility – it could be setting the table, unloading the dishwasher, or chopping the veggies.


Share The Burden

You don’t have to cook everything yourself.

If you’re inviting family and friends over for Christmas lunch, why not ask each person to bring a dish?

It could be a salad, side dish, dessert or even their favourite dish to share with everyone else.


Ditch The Turkey

There’s always someone that insists on having a traditional roast turkey or ham for Christmas lunch. But unless you actually want to do this, it can be a massive headache. And when it’s 40 degrees outside, the last thing you want is the oven on for hours, making you melt quicker than a chocolate teapot.

Ditch the turkey and stick to the typical Aussie Christmas barbeque. It means you can cook more things at the same time (depending on the size of your barbeque of course) and that leaves you able to spend more time with your guests.


Cook Ahead

If you have some dishes you can cook in advance, do it.

Salads and sides can often be prepared the day before, and some dishes can even be completely cooked and just reheated on the day.


Go For Platters

By far the best way to make this Christmas lunch the easiest one ever is to opt for grazing platters.

Gone are the days of crudités and dips on a Lazy Susan. These days it’s all camembert, cranberries and prosciutto on stylish wooden boards.

Choose your favourite foods and arrange them over several grazing boards. Then sit back and let everyone help themselves!

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