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Four small bamboo rectangle boards, 33cm, 22cm, 1.5cm.
Engraved with the Great adventures design on the front, as per picture attached.
Board 1
Mum & Dad
Thank you for bringing Su-Ann into this world and raising the most beautiful person I know.
1.11.2018Board 2
Mum & Dad
I am so lucky to have met Thomas! He brings me so much happiness! Thank you for bringing him into this world.

Board 3
Olivia and Nick
Thank you for sharing our special day with us!
Thomas and Su-Ann

Board 4
Thank you for being part of our special day and doing my hair/make up! You are amazing!
Thomas and Su-Ann

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Additional information

Board Size

Small Rectangle Bamboo length 33 cm, width 22 cm, height 1.5 cm, Circle Bamboo 28 cm diameter, height 1.5 cm, Large Rectangle Bamboo length 37 cm, width 25 cm, height 1.5 cm, Circle Beechwood 28 cm diameter, height 2 cm, Large Rectangle Beechwood length 37 cm, width 25 cm, height 2 cm


Bamboo and Beechwood


Oiled with mineral oil. Delivered in a calico bag.


Due to the nature of wood and laser engraving; each board is uniquely individual and laser engraving darkness will vary.


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