Personalised Chopping Board - Educational Assistant

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Personalised Chopping Board – Educational Assistant



Personalisation for the board

Please note, you will be emailed a board design mockup featuring the personalisation details you include below to review and approve before production commences.

Location of the design on the board

Please note, not all locations suit all boards i.e. bottom corner circle board.

Teacher’s Name

Capital letters only. Saying and thank you will be automatically included.

Sign off underneath Teacher’s Name

i.e. Heart shape from, with love, Love from

Line for Your Child’s name or Class Name

Capital letters only. Please note font size and overall personalised sizing will be decreased or increased to fit the space.

Line for Class year and Year i.e. Class 2 , Kindy


A personalised chopping board engraved with ‘Behind every great teacher is an amazing educational assistant’ and then your message.

Celebrate your classes, educational assistant, this year, and thank them for all the support they have given your class teacher and your child, with a personalised chopping board. Engraved with the saying ‘Behind every great teacher is an amazing educational assistant’ and then finish the board off with your thank you message.

Please note, due to the size of this design on a mini-board the saying will be on the right side of the board and the personalisation will feature in the bottom left corner.

Details able to be altered on this board design include –
+ Teacher’s name, sign off, and child’s/ class name, year etc.


Our LIVE FONT PREVIEW TOOL displays your message in the font option/s available for this board design*

Click or touch on your screen in the blank space below and use your keyboard to type.

Educational Assistant, Font for the first, third and fifth line i.e. Thank you, With Love, Class 2 Kindy

Educational Assistant, Font for the second and fourth line i.e. Mrs Brackman, Noah Peterson
+ Capital letters only

*Please note every board design has designated font options.

Looking for a different font option or have an idea for a custom board? Contact us for a quote or check out our ‘Design your own chopping board‘ range.

Extra Board Information

Additional information

Board Size Options

Small Rectangle Bamboo length 33 cm, width 22 cm, height 1.5 cm, Circle Bamboo 28 cm diameter, height 1.5 cm, Large Rectangle Bamboo length 37 cm, width 25 cm, height 1.5 cm, Circle Beechwood 28cm, 28cm, 2cm, Large Rectangle Beechwood 37cm, 25cm, 2cm

Board Appearance

All Miss Bold chopping boards will display variances in board colours and patterns. Throughout our product photos, we have showcased many wood colours and pattern options., We encourage you to look at all these photos to understand what your chopping board may look like.

Board Care Instructions

Hand wash in warm soapy water. Remove from the water after washing. Towel dry and allow to air dry before reusing., Do not use a dishwasher to clean your board, this will damage your chopping board. Apply mineral oil to extend the longevity and appearance of your chopping board., We recommend oiling monthly if you use your board several times a week.

Board Design Application

Laser Engrave, Wood is a natural product that varies in pattern, grain and colour. These differences will affect the depth, darkness and consistency of the laser engraving.

Board Packaging

Oiled with mineral oil. Shrink-wrapped for protection. Delivered in a calico bag.

Board Material Options

Bamboo, Beechwood