Personalised Chopping Board - Great Story - Large Version

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Personalised Chopping Board – Great Story – Large Version




First line of message i.e. Happy Father’s Day

Please note, the size of the font and wording will be increased or decreased to fit the allocated spacing. The message will be set out in fonts as shown.

Second and third line of message i.e. Love, Names

Location of the design on the board

Add an extra message to the back of the board?

Please note, the back message is only available in one font option. An example of the back message font can be seen in the pictures on this listing.

Location for the back of board message

Please note, not all back of board message locations shown below will suit every board shape, i.e. message positioned in the bottom right corner on a circle board.


A personalised bamboo chopping board, engraved with ‘Alcohol because no great story started with a salad’

A great personalised chopping board design to celebrate a birthday, someone who loves a cheeky Friday evening drink or as a Kris Kringle Christmas gift. The popular saying ‘Alcohol because no great story started with a salad’ is perfectly served on this personalised chopping board. Add a personalised touch either underneath the design or upgrade to the optional extra message and a long message on the back of the board.

Personalised details that you are able to alter on this board include –
+ Message underneath the design. Please note the words and font will be adjusted in size to fit the allocated space.

Our LIVE FONT PREVIEW TOOL displays your choice of wording [i.e. names and date] in the font option/s available for this board design*

Click or touch on your screen in the blank space below and use your keyboard to type.

Great Story, Font for the first line of the message, Capital letters only
+ Capital letters only.

Great Story, Font for the second line of the message

*Please note every board design has designated font options.

Looking for a different font option or have an idea for a custom board? Contact us for a quote or check out our ‘Design your own chopping board‘ range.

Additional Information

Additional information

Board Size

Small Rectangle Bamboo length 33 cm, width 22 cm, height 1.5 cm, Circle Bamboo 28 cm diameter, height 1.5 cm, Large Rectangle Bamboo length 37 cm, width 25 cm, height 1.5 cm




Oiled with mineral oil. Shrink-wrapped for protection. Delivered in a calico bag.

Bamboo Board Appearance

All Miss Bold chopping boards will display variances in board colours and patterns. Throughout our product photos, we have showcased many bamboo colours and pattern options. We encourage you to look at all these photos to understand what your chopping board may look like.

Laser engraving

Laser engraving darkness and depth will vary with each chopping board.

Board Care Instructions

+ Hand wash in warm soapy water.
+ Remove from the water after washing.
+ Towel dry and allow to air dry before reusing.
+ Do not use a dishwasher to clean your board, this will damage your chopping board.
+ Apply mineral oil to extend the longevity and appearance of your chopping board. We recommend oiling monthly if you use your board several times a week.

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