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‘Your Wings’ Christmas Wooden Ornament Traditional


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Please note NO ornament mockup will be emailed for you to check and approve unless the optional extra ornament mock-up is purchased below. You must tick an option from the ‘mock-up acknowledgment’ to be able to add your ornament to your shopping cart.

Wood choice for ornament

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Ribbon Colour

Colour will be chosen randomly if one is not selected.

Wording choice for the ornament

Name for the ornament

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Check the appearance of the name and date by using our font sampler, located in the below description. Only available in number format.

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An engraved ornament, cut from plywood and engraved on the front ‘Your wings were ready, but my or our heart/s was/were not’ and underneath your choice of name and date/s.

The special Christmas ornament that allows you the opportunity to pause and remember that special person who is no longer here with you on earth. This memorial ornament is cut and engraved on three wood options, eucalyptus, Fijian cedar or beechwood which makes for the perfect background to showcase the saying ‘Your wings were ready, but my/our heart/s was/were not.’ tucked underneath is the person’s name and date/s.

Ornament Details
Rounded Bauble – height 96mm, width 86mm, thickness 3mm.
Pointed Bauble – height 104mm, width 88mm, thickness 3mm.
Wood Options – eucalyptus, Fijian cedar or beechwood

You can personalise –
+ Wood choice – eucalyptus, Fijian cedar or beechwood, see photos;
+ Front saying – Your wings were ready, but MY heart was not OR Your wings were ready, but OUR hearts were not;
+ Message – include name, date [number format only i.e., 11.02.1956.] and a message, maximum 20 words.

Use our font sampler to check the appearance of your name, click on the white space below and type your choice of name. Please use all lower case letters for this font, the personalisation will be engraved in the lower case option for this font.

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Please note –
+ The font size of the name/date will be adjusted to fit the allocated space.
+ No design mockups will be emailed for approval for ornaments unless the optional extra mock-up is purchased above.
+ We are only able to include the date in number format, i.e., 11.02.1956.

All ornaments are delivered in a self-seal clear plastic bag with either a gold, silver or black ribbon.

All ornament mock-ups displayed throughout the website are digitally generated. As wood is a natural product the colouring of the engraving will vary in darkness and depth on every ornament. Your ornament will be a completely unique gift, with varying wood and engraved colourings, made just for you and your loved ones.

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Additional information

Wood Type

Eucalyptus, Fijian cedar, Beechwood