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Styling inspiration using your personalised engraved wooden chopping board

Every month we hear so many stories from our happy customers which sound a lot like this:

“We absolutely love our engraved chopping board, but it’s too special to use as an actual chopping board so we are going to put it on display”

So we have put together some quick videos showing you some examples of how you can style your shelf or wall using your personalised engraved chopping board as the hero piece of your arrangement.

This video features our Hand Lettered Names personalised board paired with a collection of vintage elements.


The second video features our Script Leaf personalised board with a bit of a botanical feel.


We were looking for an easy way to hang our boards on the wall without requiring any screws, nails or glues and we came across a spring-loaded plate hanging wires at Bunnings which are usually used to hang ceramic plates. I’m not sure what the weight rating is on these wires but it seems to be holding up our circle bamboo board pretty well.

The third video features how to mount the hanging wires to your board including hanging it on the wall, for a bit of wall styling inspiration full of LOVE.


It is so nice to have our board hanging on the wall with one of our wedding photos and a little embroidery a friend gave us as a wedding gift. It makes me smile every time I walk into our room.

So maybe you could do something like this for your weekend project

and get styling at your house!

xx Fiona, Olivia + The MBD Crew

P.S. Just in case you were wondering, you can totally use your chopping board as an actual chopping board. Go for it! Just turn it over and use the side that’s not engraved, then you can keep the engraving looking tip top.

Want to know how to take care of your board? Then check out Our Guide To Oiling Your Board and we have answered lots of questions about our boards in the FAQ section on our website