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FAQs / Bamboo

How is bamboo wood made?

Bamboo grass is processed and compressed to form bamboo wood planks.

What makes bamboo a good eco alternative to wood?

As bamboo grass is fast-growing, this makes it a renewable resource. Other wood options can take over 30 years to mature; bamboo can be mature and ready to harvest in three to six years.

Why are there variations in bamboo?

The bamboo grass used to construct the bamboo wood planks comes from a wide range of bamboo farms. The environmental conditions where the bamboo grass is grown can affect its colour and pattern. These differences are visible when viewing several bamboo chopping boards.

Is bamboo a suitable material to be used for chopping boards?

Bamboo is a popular wood choice for chopping boards due to the hard density of bamboo planks. The density minimises the dents and marks made from regular knife use.

Bamboo is more resistant to water and moisture than hardwood. Which helps protect the board from cracking and warping when exposed to moisture, although this does not remove the need for regular oiling and preventive care.

What variations can incur in wood?

Wood variations include and can be caused by –
+ different patterns, grains and colours,
+ varying moisture within the wood upon harvest and production,
+ the environment where the wood is grown and sourced from and,
+ what production method is used to construct the wood product.