FAQs / Boards

I’ve made my own board, can you laser engrave a design on it for me?

No, we do not offer this service. Once the laser engrave begins engraving the design we can not reverse the engraving, this means that if there is a malfunction while engraving, the engraving is not clear or dark enough, we can not fix it. We would not want to risk ruining your one of a kind handcrafted board.

Can you make me a board in the size I am looking for?

No, we do not construct our boards, all our boards are provided by our suppliers. We are unable to request different sizes from our suppliers for small orders, as they have minimum order requirements beginning at 1000 boards.

Do you have stands to display your boards?

Yes! we have recently added an acrylic stand that slots together to our online shop. It is the perfect way to showcase your chopping board in your home.

Whoops, I got food stuck in the engraving, what can I do?

Using a clean toothbrush gently try to scrub the food out of the engraving by moving the toothbrush in a circular motion across the engraving surface. We do NOT recommend that you pick at the engraving with a sharp object as it may damage the engraving.

Please note the above is only a suggestion, and we take no responsibility for any damage caused by following the above instructions.

If I cut on the engraving, will it damage the engraving?

Yes, it will damage the engraving over time, and it will then be unable to be repaired. We recommend you use the side not engraved and that your engraved board is used as a platter instead of for everyday food prep.

Can I use my boards to cut on?

Yes, you sure can, they are a chopping board before they become an engraved piece of goodness.

Will my board look the same as the photos on your website and your social media?

No, not always. We do our best to give a representation of wood colour differences in our boards and engraving variations across our website and social media, but we cannot guarantee the same colour as shown on in each listing photos or social media.


Can I let you know what colour I would prefer my board to be?

No, our boards come in a range of shades from dark and light. Your order will be engraved on the next board that comes out of the box at the time of your engraving.

We believe these differences are the beauty of an engraving and gifting a natural product such as wood; it ensures each product is a unique piece created just for you and your loved ones.

Can I put my board in the dishwasher?

No! Our wooden boards are NOT dishwasher friendly, dishwashers will dry out the bamboo and beechwood and will cause the wood to break down and make the board warp.

Do you have instructions on how to look after your boards?

Yes, all our boards must be strictly hand washed only. They are NOT dishwasher friendly. Being washed in the dishwasher will lead to the bamboo or beechwood drying out and may cause it to warp and break down.

We recommend hand washing your Miss Bold Design chopping board in warm soapy water, removing promptly from the water and allow it to fully air dry afterwards.

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