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FAQs / Books

Why do Miss Bold wooden books display variances in colour and patterns?

The variances mentioned on all Miss Bold book listings are referring to the natural differences that occur in all wood.
All wood is affected by the environment in which it is grown and harvested. These variations are not faults or flaws.

How is the wood for Miss Bold books constructed?

Each piece of 3mm plywood is constructed from layers of standard plywood and then finally finished with the wood veneer of your choice – Fijian Cedar, Eucalyptus, Beechwood.

How is the laser engraving design generated onto the book images?

Each design is digitally generated onto the book images.

What and how is a digital generated image created?

Digitally generated, where a computer software creates a realistic laser engraving appearance.

The digitally generated laser engraving appearance is created from images of actual laser engraved applications. This allows the final image to be as close in colour to an actual laser engraved design.

Why don’t you just engrave every book design and photograph that engraving?

By choosing to use digitally generated laser engraving product images we are able to –
+ offer more book design options;
+ avoid wasting book stock for product photography and
+ minimise our contribution to landfill.

How is the wood for Miss Bold books protected?

Each front and back cover is protected and sealed with two coats of clear acrylic spray sealer.