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FAQs / Cheese knives

What are your cheese knives made from?

The four-piece cheese knife set has oak handles with a stainless steel knife/fork.

Our stainless steel knife is stainless steel and is sourced from Stanley Rodgers.

How are the cheese knives presented?

Both cheese knife options are presented on a wood backing with a descriptive sticker, i.e. stainless cheese knife and shrink wrapped.

Do you offer a discount on your cheese knifes if ordered in large quantities?

Yes, we do. Our cheese knives make great wedding favours or corporate thank you gifts. Please contact us and we can chat about cheese knife discounts and sticker options.

Can you create me a custom sticker for my cheese knife set?

No, we do not offer custom stickers for single cheese knife sets.

We do offer this option for orders that include 30 cheese knife sets; please contact us for details.

Do you engrave your wooden handled cheese knives?

No, we don’t offer engraving on the handles of the knives.

Do you have instructions on how to look after your cheese knives?

Yes, with every cheese knife set or single cheese knife we send a set of care instructions.

Can I put my wooden handled cheese knives in the dishwasher?

No, we recommend only hand washing for our wooden handled cheese knives.

Do you sell the four set of cheese knives separately?

No, the four set of cheese knives are not able to be sold separately.