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FAQs / Coasters

Do you send a mock-up of my coaster?

Yes, we do send a mock-up of your coaster, we want to make sure it is presented exactly as you want it to be.

What wood are the coasters cut and engraved from?

We offer three wood plywood coaster options Eucalypt, Beech or Fijian cedar.

How are the coasters presented?

The coasters are presented in a self-sealed plastic bag with a coaster care card.

How thick are the coasters?

Each coaster is 2.5mm thick.

Do you offer thicker coaster options?

No, unfortunately not at this stage.

Do the coasters have a cork backing?

No, they are simply a beautiful piece of Eucalypt, Beech or Fijian cedar plywood laser cut to shape and engraved with your choice of words.

Can you guarantee that the coaster wood colouring and engraving will look exactly like the pictures on your website?

No, we can’t, this is the nature of our products, as they are created from a natural product the wood colouring will depend on the tree the wood is sourced from.

The darkness of the engraving is dependent on woods colour, grain, density and resin content and this can vary from each piece of wood even if they are created from the same product. We have spent a great deal in time working with our laser engraver’s settings to ensure we can produce a dark consistent engrave, but there still may be variations of the darkness across a whole design due to the above.

Do you offer discounts for large coaster orders?

We sure do, please contact us via email at or check out our contact page, we would love to make coasters for your wedding gifts or corporate clients.

Do you sell your coasters in sets?

No, we do not offer coasters in sets, this is definitely something we are looking into as a future option.

How is the coaster wood protected by wet coffee cups and condensation from beer mugs?

Each coaster has at least four layers of protective sealer spray; this adds the perfect protective layer between the coaster and a wet coffee cup or beer mug to stop the coaster from being stained from moisture.