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FAQs / Corporate and bulk orders

Do you offer a discount for bulk/corporate orders?

Yes, we offer three corporate design pricing options which are dependent on the level of service required.

FULL SERVICE – Any Miss Bold Board Design [as seen on our website], logo plus client personalisation,
MBD DESIGN PLUS LOGO – Any Miss Bold Board Design [as seen on our website], plus logo or tagline [line of text]
LOGO/ TAGLINE ONLY – Business logo and/or tagline [line of text]

Under our corporate pricing, we also offer scaled pricing which is reflective of the quantity you order as the year progresses.

Do I need to be a business for bulk order discounts?

No, we welcome bulk orders from everyone. Looking to purchase multiple boards for the family for Christmas or gifts for your wedding presents/favours? Please contact us via email at or our contact page to find out what bulk pricing options we have available.

How many boards do I need to order to get corporate pricing?

You need to order five boards in one transaction.

What is your corporate production turnaround?

Our corporate production turnaround is dependent on the number of boards ordered and the orders we already have in our engraving line.

As an estimate –
Up to 10 boards – 3 business days
20 – 40 boards – 3 – 5 business days
50 – 100 boards – 5 – 7 business days
Over 100 boards – contact us for time frames.

Can I have full personalisation for each board in a corporate order?

Definitely, this is classed as our full-service corporate option.

Can you send me your corporate pricing options?

Yes, we can. Simply send us your corporate inquiry via email or our contact page.

Do you engrave logos?

Sure do, please send us an email,  with a logo provided in the format listed below.

Logo Format – black and white, high-resolution JPEG [over 150 KB], PNG file or even better an Adobe Illustrator file/EPS file.

What files do I need to provide for you to engrave my logo?

To get the best engraving, we need the highest quality file you have. The best options include black and white, high-resolution JPEGS [over 150 KB], PNG file or even better an Adobe Illustrator file/EPS file.

Don’t have any of the above? Please contact us via email at or our contact page; we are more than happy to let you know if we can transform your logo into a suitable file format.

How will I be invoiced for my corporate order?

You will receive a manual invoice which you will be able to pay via credit card, PayPal or direct deposit.

Do I get free shipping when I purchase over $200 in products for corporate or bulk orders?

No, the free shipping option is only for our retail customers who order through our website.

With corporate/ bulk order transactions, we source two freight options and present the prices to you before beginning the order.

Do you offer wholesale?

Instead of wholesale we offer corporate pricing, which is very competitively priced in relation to wholesale pricing.

Do you sell in shops?

No, as most of our designs are personalised, we don’t currently sell in shops.

Although if you are interested in selling our boards in your shop, please contact us via email at or via our contact page to chat about non-personalised chopping board options.